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⚙ Swift Mazes is a framework to generate 3D dungeons from textual (UTF-8 or ASCII encoded) floorplans. It reads a config file, some prefabs, and then generates a fully working 3D dungeon map for The Dark Mod, dmaps it (via TDM), and packages it together as a playable .PK4 file - all automatic!

This section describes the overall process of generating FMs with ⚙ Swift Mazes.

Prefabs and Block Size

As a first step you need to decide which block size you want to use. The default size for one block is 192 x 192 x 192 units. The size can be changed for each location, but usually it is best to use the same size for the entire mission.

As second step you need to create prefabs, from which your mission can be assemble. There is a set of default prefabs, which can help you get started.

Generating a Config File

Last but not least you need to generate a config file, which describes the layout and parameters for your mission. At the time of this writing you need to manually create this file. Alternatively, you can use one of the example files.

Package Generation

The overall process generating a FM package from the config file is as follows:

  1. The config file is parsed and checked for being valid
  2. The layout for each location is generated from the [Level maps] or [Blocklists]
  3. Alias levels in the location are merged into the real levels.
  4. Connections between locations are resolved. This involves moving the locations so their connection blocks align. The connection blocks are then merged together.
  5. A connectivity map is build
  6. The connectivity map is used to add visportals to the map
  7. The final map file is assembled from the prefabs and information gathered
  8. The script file, xdata and other files (README, description.txt) are generated
  9. Everything is packed into a .PK4 file

More info

The following manual sections contain more information: